Amrika Chalo! –Really?

January 5, 2012



by Awais Masood While going to watch Ajoka Theatre’s new play ‘Amrika Chalo’, I had in mind the pleasant memories from last year when I watched its play ‘Dara’, a beautiful ensemble of colours, costumes, music and dance that brought to life the historical tragedy of Dara Shikoh.  Keeping in context, the history of Ajoka […]

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Pakistan ki Tareef

December 24, 2011


by Haseeb Asif Originally published at Kafila Islami Jamhooriya Pakistan ki tareekh Hindustan se bohut purani hai. Balkay Islam se bhi purani hai. Jab aathveen sadi mein Muhammad Bin Qasim Islam phelane bar-e-sagheer tashreef laye tau ye jaan ker sharminda huwe ke yahan tau pehle hi Islami riyasat maujood hai. Yahan kufr ka janam tau […]

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For frogs in the well, the world is a big hole

November 25, 2011



  A well is a perfect place for frogs, especially when they are born there and have no idea about a bigger world out of the dark hole. It is a comfort zone to live a short life, reproduce and die. What a peaceful life and painless death they live! I wish I was a […]

Islamic fundamentalism, post-modernism and science

November 23, 2011


by Awais Masood Published Daily Times – November 23, 2011 The recent killing of Yemeni-American Imam, Anwar al-Awlaki, in a drone attack has brought to front the significance of Islamist propaganda in cyberspace and its effects on terror recruitment. Hundreds of sermons by Awlaki were available on the internet. He operated a Facebook page, ran […]

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To Aliaa Elmahdy

November 22, 2011


Aalia Al Mahdy

by Sonia Wahab I will not hide and I will not cover Let the world face my truth I am the life and I am the lover I am living and that’s the truth No god, no rules and no fear Fake is your world, Of honour, respect and dignity Let my body feel the […]

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Haspataal puhancha day yar, mujhay haspataal tau puhancha day’

June 12, 2011



Sarfaraz Shah, a youth died in hope for mercy. by Sonia Wahab These are the last words of Sarfaraz Shah, murdered in cold blood by six paramilitary rangers in Karachi. There is very little known to us that how this video was shot so closely and how it got a chance to spread so quickly […]

Blood and Money in Ashes

May 24, 2011


PNS Mehran Terrorists Attack

by Jareer Ahsan Just three weeks and a few warm-up revenge ventures later, reportedly 15-20 Taliban militants stormed Pakistan’s naval air force headquarters on May 22. An overnight battle ensued and lasted till early office hours next day, enabling our overzealous media to make a boatload of money. However, this was a cowardly act, as […]


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