The Enemy Within

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by Humayun Nosheerwan

Who is responsible for this dismal and depressingly dark fate of Pakistani nation? And who is to blame for the fear of impending disaster and catastrophic future which now occupies the hearts and minds of people living in this part of the South Asia and in entire Muslim world? WHO is the real enemy of Pakistan? This is a common question posed by a lot many masses these days. And answers they generally find are trivial and most of the time confusing. This confusion exists for a part because everyone in our society holds a different perspective regarding the answers to these questions. Some argue that these troubles are the outcomes of some universal conspiracy against Islamic world and Pakistan. And thus people who share this mentality are quick to make conclusions and blame West, Zionists, Free masons and lot many other entities or forces for this sorry state of affairs in every corner of national life. Whether this is about political instability, poor governance, military, foreign affairs, economic or financial downturn, fingers are always pointing towards these malefic and rather supernatural types of “evil forces”. But for some people who adhere to more rational thinking and logical judgment this attitude and view of blaming others for our own shortcomings and wrongdoings is “misguided” and meaningless. Somewhat so, this confusion has given way to some raw thinking, maybe directionless, but it’s heartening to see that at last minds here in our country are working for the sake of something worthwhile, to figure a way out of this abyss of ignominy which promise nothing but a dark future haunting the coming generations.

In recent days there have been many triggering events, which not so very pleasing for Pakistanis but were indeed thought provoking. Few days back, a youth named Faisal Shehzad, naturalized American of Pakistani origin, who was arrested and accused by FBI of planting a car bomb into New York’s busy Time Square. On the other hand 21 years old young Pakistani Muhammad Ajmal Kasab, who have been handed down death sentence by Mumbai court for his alleged involvement in Mumbai carnage two years ago, made headlines in national and international media. This news came as a shock for the entire nation and also for those unlucky folks who are living abroad. People residing outside Pakistan were greatly affected, for it made their lives more difficult in foreign lands. But contrary to this, for people living in Pakistan these fateful events provided with the fresh subjects to reflect upon. But for some it came as an opportunity to vent out their inner hate and spitefulness against United States, India, and other fore mentioned “evil forces” of the infidels. According to a recent survey almost 90% of Pakistanis are convinced that these evil forces in general and United States in particular are a mortal threat to Islamic Ummah also to Pakistan’s national security and sovereignty. No wonder that results would be different if same kind of survey is conducted for India. What these surveys really indicates is the awful fact that there is a deepening hate and killing intention taking shape in the mindset of so many young people who are now majority in Pakistan’s population.

One might wonder that unlike any other nation in the world why there is so much reckless hate brewing in the hearts of these young men who yet have to see much in life. There are so many other countries which in recent history have suffered directly the brunt of American’s imperialist ambitions. To name them like Cuba, Vietnam, Germany and Japan etc. the point to mention Germany and Japan is to draw attention to the gory fact that in Second World War almost 70% of Germany’s population perished due to terror bombings by American and European Allied airstrikes. Japan suffered the wrath of atomic bombs on its densely populated cities like Nagasaki and Hiroshima in which millions died.

But contrary to this, America has no war history with Pakistan neither it had any record of strained relations. Rather it have always been a benefactor to Pakistan and contributed a lot to its economic, financial, military and social welfare since the creation of the country in 1947. Pakistan have received billions of dollars aid since the times of dictator Ayub Khan and in recent years on account of being an ally in War against extremists in Afghanistan and tribal areas. But there is a very serious issue regarding the perception of Pak-US relations in the minds of citizenry. Even after realizing the immense importance of bilateral and strategic relations of Pak-US and the worthiness of the fact that this War against religious extremism and terrorism is in the favor of Pakistan and its people. And keeping good relations with India is the key to the progress of both neighboring countries and necessary for the economic stability in the whole region. The ruling classes of Pakistan have failed very badly in convincing the masses to this effect. As a result general public perception is negative and untoward regarding US and India. This failure has contributed much to the development of conservative mindset which has resulted in the grim consequences like that of Faisal Shehzad and Ajmal Kasab. The point here is important and crystal clear, that due to these handfuls of stupid and dogma fed youths the whole nation of Pakistan is suffering and facing the frown of international community. Pakistan is being largely seen as a nation which produces one of the best irresponsible individuals with an abominable destructive mentality and sadly they are the only export by this country.

But question of the discussion remains the same. Who is responsible for all this crap? Who is the real enemy of Pakistan? Keeping in view all the facts the answer is intriguing and heart-rending. The whole responsibility of all this devastation lies on “US”. You got it all wrong! It’s not United States, US means We or this entire nation. No other but we are responsible for what we are today. This is one fact which is irrefutable and worth noting. And there is no point to deny it, as it is a combined failure of everything and everyone. The prime reason for this failure is that We learnt nothing from our history and history of others. The larger majority of Pakistani nation and its leadership exist in the state of denial. We are not a “nation” but a group of people who are working for their self interests and caring for nothing even the reputation of their so called beloved country. To make this worse, from last 60 years we have been ruled by some well known and well qualified thieves. Germany, Japan, French British etc. share a bloody history of wars and conflicts but today in 21st century, they have realized the mistakes made by their forbearers and they are no longer repeating them. More than half of the century after the end of WW2, Germany now is the leading economy of European Union and Japanese are studying in the American universities and competing on the global scale in all fields of science and technology. The people living in these countries are enjoying one of the highest standards of life and are respected everywhere. These nations gave their young generation new hopes and new way of thinking and a promising bright future and environment of peace and prosperity.

Contrary to the fact, we are still infesting the minds of our young generations with resentment and passion of revenge against phantasmagoric enemies of Islam and Pakistan by teaching them lessons of hatred. Our political and religious leaders mastering in the field of denying vices in our society and focusing attention to how mean and nasty the rest of the world is. The curriculum books portray the images of Gandhi, Nehru, Lord Mountbatten and many more as the incarnation of evil instead mentioning something positive and constructive. Is it really hard for us to stop in our tracks and realize that something is inherently wrong here and need to be fixed before we run into complete destruction? Is it impossible to start afresh with sincere intentions and purpose of peace just like Germany and Japan? If our collective mentality hinders us to do it, then there is no other but it is the real enemy within.

The author is student of Business Administration in IIUI

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