Qutiing Facebook is like Hijrat?

Posted on May 27, 2010 by


It is no shocker that Pakistan’s youth has been indoctrinated with uber-conservative, jingoistic and intolerant religious dogmas but the loss of rationality among the newer generation becomes evident day after day upon us. While the Muslims across the world do not hold our Pan-Islamist ambitions and they never have resonated our feelings for a united “Ummah”, Pakistanis continue to believe that there will be a day when Khilafat will be restored and Islam has given a political system of governance. The system of governance in Arab territories was based on a tribal system and was not the demand or suggestion of a religion but Pakistanis continue to imagine a mirage which can only have disastrous consequences for the system of governance at hand would continue to deteriorate.

The kind of reaction that was generated among the young populace in the wake of the recent controversy over drawings of the Prophet (PBUH) is a reminder of irrational, intolerant and unthoughtful approach that can lead to nowhere. While most can argue that the people protesting were not users of social networking and pure emotional reactionaries, over 70% of internet users in the country voiced for a permanent ban on Facebook.

The following is a table prepared by two gentlemen, namely Muhammad Adil Mulki and Khurram Ali Shafique for a post on the reasons to quit Facebook for the blog Teeth Maestro. The two gentlemen argue that quitting Facebook is a sacrifice comparable to the Hijrat to Medina and Migration to Pakistan in 1947.

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